Infant Respiratory Humidification Seminar-London 2017

23 Nov 09:00 AM - 04:30 PM
The physiology of the respiratory system in a normal and preterm intact infant airway is reviewed. The role humidification plays in maintaining normal respiratory function is discussed and the clinical benefits of Optimal Humidity are then presented. Changes to the physiology of the airway as a consequence of invasive ventilation, CPAP and oxygen therapy are discussed, along with new innovations in respiratory care such as Nasal High Flow Oxygen therapy. Group work supports these presentations by demonstrating the practical applications of the theory discussed, to gain insight of the patient experience and share ideas within these therapies.

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To support our commitment to education this day is free of charge and inclusive of all refreshments and lunch.


Royal College of Nursing 7 study hours


Holiday Inn, London Kensington (formerly Kensington Close)
Wrights Lane Kensington, London

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